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I also very much appreciate your hosting this valuable forum! In the early ‘90s when there was a stove already installed in a house I bought, I didn’t know anyone else who had one and had to bumble through problems. This forum is fabulous.

This is a fantastic web site and has been most helpful to me in my understanding and decisions.

Thanks so much.  This is a great source of info with much depth.  Congrats on the 10 yr anniversary as well!!  Very Sincerely - DK in Central Illinois

You are a kind man to share your knowledge and resources with others,  especially with those most hapless like me!

thank you so much - i love your website , as i am constantly on it.  your company is great !!!!

Your response was “priceless” and I am moregrateful than you can even begin to imagine. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It worked!  Last year I contacted you regarding my chimney and flue.  I have capped and sealed the abandoned flue and the fumes in the basement are now gone.  Thanks for your help!

Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!... you had just what we were looking for!

I have been totally confused about all the various gas log options until finding your web site

Enjoyed all the articles from hearth.com. They helped me get to get a great wood stove from a Hearth dealer.

As two 22 year olds who were sheltered and dumbed down by the modern heating techniques, when we moved into our new apartment with a fireplace we didn’t really have much idea on how to start and keep a wood fire. We found your site and it worked perfectly. The tip on reversing the air flow through the chimney was great!

Your web page is very nice, and a great way to market these products

I would really like to thank the founders of this site as it has been the only quality source of information I can find.

Your site helped us pick out and install our (Brand Name) stove last year, which we all crowd around all winter as a primary heat source.

Very nice website, have used it quite a lot to purchase my new stove.

This is a wonderful site.  I am sure we will be visiting again as we complete the house and add more stoves.

Yours is the best forum regarding hearth issues that I could find.

Great website. Easy to navigate. Thanks

I would just like to say “Thank you” for your terrific advice and helpful reference information.

Hi There:Just wanted to let you know I sold my stove last night from someone that saw my ad on HearthNet Trading Post

I placed an ad on your classifieds for a Franco Belge Coal Stove. I had numerous inquiries and the unit was picked up today from my home in NE Penna. by a gentleman in Maryland. Thanks for this great service. This man called me within 4 hours after it was posted.

I recently placed an (free classified) ad to sell an MP250 pellet stove - your classifieds worked EXCELLENT, the stove was sold within a week and I am still receiving inquiries from all over the US
You have an excellent web site, very informative and very well laid out. 

This is a terrific resource.  The comments here are from “real world” people who have used and lived with the product in question and not sales people with dollar signs in their eyes.  Thank you for maintaining a great site for hearth enthusiasts.

I am grateful for your caring advice, and am pleased to report that the solution I received completely solved the smoking problem.

i just want to email my sincere thanks for providing an exceptional informational website on hearths. i found everything i was looking for & more. excellent web design. it is easy to use. i found what i was looking for & much more. information was easy to comprehend & nicely composed.

Thank you for the movie on how to start a fire. The picture is worth a thousand words.

I love your site, which I’ve found to be an education in itself.

Thanks for the prompt response. I very much appreciate your information, and it probably saved me a lot of wasted time and possibly money.

International and Client Comments

It’s unlike a Brit to get excited but this is a site I really enjoy and keep everyone else up to date with. I’ve read most of the site and just keep coming back two or three times a day to keep up on the forum.

What a fantastic site, I’ve just brought a vermont resolute w today and I knew nothing about them, but thanks to your site all is now clear.
Thanks a lot from Australia
P.S. if only´┐Żthe vermont casting site was half as good as yours

(Client) I think Hearth.com has paid off big! I got a call from a historical bed & breakfast owner, a , who wants 4 or 5 Fireplaces. They have 9 (similar fireplaces) in another B&B they own so they know & like them. With labor & restoration it could be a $15,000-$20,000 job or more.

(Client)I would like to tell you that I am very happy with the business plan you have prepared for me. You are a genius! You really have a grip on business. I have showed a good friend that is a motivator and author of a few books and he is very impressed with the direction you were able to point me in.

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