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Dear Friends,

In March 2012 we upgraded our Forums to a new format. All user accounts which existed at that time were moved over to the new system.

However, certain features of are still dependent on the old system!
These include the following:
1. Hearth Wiki
2. Free Listing for Hearth Retailers - listings - Edit/Enter Screen for Retailer Listings

Note that you would only need to login to add material to these sections - anyone can read them!

Your old login credentials should still work - and you can use this form to login. After you login you will be redirected back to this page and you can then navigate to the various sections using the links above.

You can still edit your profile in the old system by going to this page AFTER you are logged in.

If you have any questions, please email webmaster (at)

New Registrations on the old system. Note - if you had not registered with prior to March, 2012 you will not be able to add to the wiki or fuel price guide. If you desire to do so, we could set up a new registration for you. This would have to be in addition to your registration on our new forums.

Please email to if you'd like to NEWLY register for the wiki (after March 15, 2012).