VISITS - - A visit to Jotul North America

If you’ve heard of cast iron wood stoves, then you probably know the name Jotul. Jotul is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of cast iron stoves in the world, and in recent years has expanded into gas fueled stoves, inserts and fireplaces. You can find a good article on Jotul history at:
Link to one article on International and American Jotul History


Partial view of Jotul Operations in Portland

I recently traveled to the Portland Maine headquarters of Jotul North America where I met with Brett Watson, the President of American Operations. I was given a tour of the facilities, production line, testing lab and offices and also filled in on current operations and future plans. In fact, we (and you!) are the first to know about Jotuls newest woodstove - see this link or take the “lab” tour below for the breaking news.

Craig Issod(l) meets Brett Watson(r)

Your visit to Jotul includes the following galleries:
1. A short tour of the Jotul plant in Norway and Jotul Portland.

2.A visit to the Jotul North America Test Lab and Development Area.

3. The building of a Jotul Gas Fireplace.

We have also posted a short video of part of the production process.

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