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A Visit to Good Time Stove Company - Goshen, MA.

The hearth industry is a business with “soul” and also an amazing history! Turns out that stove production was formerly one of the largest industries in the United States, a fact which seems evident when you understand that virtually every household needed at least one stove. This, as well as many other interesting facts, are stuffed into the brain of Richard Richardson, the founder of Good Time Stove Company in Goshen, Ma.

Good Time Stove restores and sells antique heating and cooking stoves. These stove come in as junk and leave with the beauty and detailing of museum pieces…and these museum pieces are for sale! Don’t think you have to burn wood to appreciate these beauties - conversions to gas and electric are performed on many of the stoves.

As you will see, a visit to Good Time Stove is definitely worth your while if you are ever in the vicinity of western Mass.

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