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Some leads for hard-to-find stove parts:

Stove Parts Unlimited - Parts for many "southern" brands (King, martin, ashley, buck, etc.) and others made in the past 30 years. Email

Energy Parts Plus - source for Pellet and Gas stove/fireplace parts. They supply Retail stores, Technicians and Consumers.

Woodman Associates - Parts for antique stoves as well as many models made in the past 25 years.
Call (603) 522-8216

Applied Energy Systems - Replacement Glass for stoves. Visit their web site at

Condar Company - Replacement catalytic converters for most stoves. Visit

Bucks Stove Palace - Parts for Cawley-Lemay woodstoves and also many antique and other models.

Energy Unlimited of New England, Inc. - Parts for many stoves no longer manufactured.

Hilkoil 1-800-807-7041 fax: 518-377-4004 - Makes Stainless steel water jackets for inside stoves and fireplace.

Pellet Stove Parts

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