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Review of Harman --- Corn Stove / PC-45 -- Freestanding Stove burning Select Fuel Type

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Review of Harman --- Corn Stove / PC-45 -- Freestanding Stove burning Select Fuel Type
Installation Type: Other (explain in the comments section)
Date Reviewed: prior to Nov. 2004*)

Satisfaction Ratings from 5 stars (best) to 1 star (worst)
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Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): 1000 | House Size (Sq feet): 2500
Bought in 0000 , Price Paid: $3000
Location : Pekin, IL 61554,
Purchased from: Select Store Type - Stove Shope

Likes: 1. Good-looking unit – for a corn stove. Most corn stoves that I researched were pretty boxy looking. The PC-45 has a bit more style. Add the gold door, sunrise gold door accent, gold louvers, custom color and ceramic log set – you’ll get a really sharp looking stove.
2. Nice Technology - Good regulation of corn burn rate to give high or low heat output and save fuel. Has self ignition as well. Also has “auto – room temp” setting in which the stove will actually turn off (flame out) when room exceeds a desired selected temp. If room cools down, stove will start back up, relight and bring room back up to desired temp , all automaticly. This will also save corn. This function can also be over ridden and you can then set the stove to run at a constant output.
3. Quality construction – This is my second Harmon and both have been, over –all, well made.
4. Very nice CONSTANT heat output – Before, I have had wood or coal stoves. This Corn stove is nice since it puts out a constant, continuous heat. Keeps the room and house very comfortable and burns for over 24 hours on a load of corn. Compared to a wood stove that will vary BTU output on when and how much you load the firebox, the corn burner is constant and I find that nice. It is rated at 45000 btu, but since the output is constant - the heat is maximized.
5. Relative low maintenance: Just turn the stove on, load the hopper with fuel and your done. Burn pot does need to be removed and cleaned probably once a week. This is relatively easy but the fire will need to be out and the unit cool to perform burn pot cleaning.
6. Easy to install – Just run 3 inch PV (pellet stove double wall pipe) out the wall. No vertical chimney required. But this limits you to only placing this corn burner against an exterior wall. You can run a chimney up and out the ceiling/roof if you really want to place the unit on other than an interior wall. I only used about 5 feet of pipe and that saved money on the chimney and installation offsetting the high initial cost of this stove!
7. Smell – I find the scent of burning corn (outside) to be very pleasant. It has a sweet smell. Wood smoke is nice to me as well, and I find the corn flue gas equally pleasant and quite unique.

Dislikes: 1. Costly – I got 90% of the options and this baby (including tax) came out right around $3000!! You really have to want one. If you got a basic model you could keep the cost down closer to $2000. The Harmon is definitely the higher end corn stove on the market. There are other corn burners out there in the $1500-$1700 range. I don’t know how they compare. I know I did not like there appearance as well.
2. Noisy – the auger feeds in corn about every 20 seconds, so you have to listen to the auger motor when the stove is in operation.
3. With all the moving parts and circuit board, this is much more complex than a wood stove. It will wear out in time and then will be complicated and expensive to repair. It is not a simple unit.
4. I got ceramic logs and they only lasted about 2 weeks before the logs started to crumble. The company replaced then free. Have not used the new ones yet.
5. It is dirty to clean out. Lots of fine black corn cinders to remove and vacuum up . All and all, there is no more cleaning up than a wood stove. No wood, bark, dirt ect, associated with loading corn in the hopper. But when you remove the ass pot there will be more soot involved. So the total clean up equals about the same as our wood stove. Corn stoves try to come off that they are cleaner then wood stoves. Yes, they burn cleaner with no smoke (after initial light off) but they still soot the chimney and get soot on the hearth when empting the ash pan ect.
6. The 3 inch PV pellet stove pipe that I got at Menards was hard to work with. This stove is an over pressure stove that forces the flue gases out. There is no natural draw on the chimney. You see where this is going? If your chimney is not completely tight at each joint, you will get a little smoke in the room – especially during the initial lighting cycle when the stove really smokes. So you need to seal each joint in the PV pipe with hi temp silicon caulk. After I did that, the chimney has been outstanding – no leaking at all.

Comments: Overall, this is really nice stove. I am very happy with it’s operation and quality. I do recommend that you get a second ash pan ($29). That way you can swap out ash pans while the stove is in operation. When I only had the one pan, the fire could die out during ash pan emptying. You can always play with it and make the decision later. Harmon will sell you an addition pan if you want.

Email if you have questions. 60745@myswa.com
I will be glad to tell you about this produce. Have had it about 2 months at the time of writing.

* Dates that reviews were submitted were not recorded prior to Nov. 2004