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Review of Pacific Energy --- Summit -- Freestanding Stove burning Wood only

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Review of Pacific Energy --- Summit -- Freestanding Stove burning Wood only
Installation Type: Wood/Coal - Freestanding into metal Chimney
Date Reviewed: 2010-11-29 20:59:59

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Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): | House Size (Sq feet): 1000
Bought in 2009 , Price Paid: $1700.00
Location : , NJ ,
Purchased from: Select Store Type -

Likes: Easy start, easy operation, easy loading, GREAT EASY STOVE. I had a Russo catalytic stove and I hated it but I have to admit that the secondary burn on it was much better than the Summit. Once it started it never stopped but with the Summit heat output from the secondary burn is only for the start of the fire when it\'s producing a lot of smoke. Either way I love the Summit. The only stove that Iíve seen with a fully welded box all the way around. No way is this box going to leak air, like my Russo stove. This is the reason I but the Russo in storage.

Dislikes: Catalytic stoves use the secondary burn better to produce a long lasting heat output. The Summit doesn\'t use it as well but still manages to burn clean and have a long burn time. In the morning itís warm in my house but not that warm.

Comments: Manufacturer says 10hr burns Iíve managed to get 15-18hrs of burn time, with the stove filled with wood. Don\'t let that trick you, not all of those hrs are putting out huge heat. I get a good 6hrs of strong heat, then 3-4hrs of warmth, then 4-6hrs of the stove staying warm but not enough to warm up my house. I will have hot ambers left in the stove after 15hrs that are good enough to get the fire going again but there is no real heat output. I would love to see this stove use both catalytic burners and the Summit secondary burn technology together I feel this would take the efficiency to another level. I will experiment with this and Iím just afraid that the catalytic burners might make the stove to hot. Iím going to do it in a way that I can just pull out the catalytic burners easily without having to do any major work to it. If you need a wood stove

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