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    My home is built to R-2000 standards. It is roughly 2000 sq. ft., full basement and a loft. On the main floor I have an Opel 2000C with central heat kit. The furnace in the house is oil, but is seldom used. In the basement I installed a Jotul Oslo. My problem is when I fire up the Jotul,the basement gets too hot, I can't seem to get the heat to rise up the open stairwell. With just a small fire in the basement, the temp usually climbs to above 90, while on the main floor it seems cool. The basement is open and there is a cold air return. Also I will be installing an outside air kit for the jotul. I was told that I'll have to put a floor register along a cold wall so that the heat will circulate. Is there any truth to that.


    You will have the help the heat find it's way upstairs. Place a louvered register in the floor as close to the top of the stove as possible. That will be the hottest point as the heat will rise to the floors above. It's quite possible that the stairway is also acting as additional cold air return if located some distance away from the stove. Cut a register in the floor, and that should alleviate the problem.

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