Chainsaw Goodies

mikefrommaine Posted By mikefrommaine, May 24, 2013 at 5:27 PM

  1. It's like Christmas morning!

    Too bad it's going to rain all weekend, the inlaws are coming to town and its my granddaughters birthday. Won't get time to try any of it :(

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  2. ScotO


    I see a new rim drive, muffler, chisel chains, filter......looks like someone was a good boy for Chainsaw Claus to have been so gracious....
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  3. Missed the best part -- the tach -- to tune my 660 when the dual port muffler goes on. Now that I sold my 394xp and went back to using the 660 I realize it needs a little help.
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  4. ScotO


    CHEATER! You must've had it hidden under the gloves.....:mad:
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  5. DexterDay


    You don't already have an 8 pin on your 660? Adding a dual port and an 8 pin? And properly setting max RPM?

    Yep, it's gonna be a different saw?!!?!!?!

    Looks like a box I would like delivered :)

    What size bar are you running on the 660?
  6. steeltowninwv

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    Nov 16, 2010
    west virginia
    ok dont wanna high jack this thread..but the 8 pin has me wondering...i have a 460 magnum and i have a dual port muffler...but i still have the 7 pin...will 8 pin help me out?
  7. Came setup with a 7 pin.

    Hijack away :)

    The 8 pin will gain chain speed at the expense of torque. I'm running a 25" bar on the 660 so I wanted to see how it would feel with a gear change.

    My 024 has a 8 pin while my 026 has a 7 pin. Both saws have a 16" bar. They cut pretty even until I get into bigger limbs (8"+) then the 026 starts to shine. My next project will be to convert the 026 to a rim drive and maybe try 3/8 chain. That is unless I really like the 254xp I'm working on. Then I'll have to pick something to sell...
  8. MasterMech


    I have 8 pins on my Dual-port 460's with 20" bars. You will kick yourself for not doing it a lot sooner. Best $6 (or whatever you spend) you will ever spend on it. ;)
  9. DexterDay


    8 pin shipped today. Should be there for some weekend fun!! :)

    Your should notice the difference immediately. With your Dual Port it will run pretty good :cool:

    Next step is a Woods Port from one of the builders on AS!?! Randy and Brad are pretty close to you ;em

  10. Ram 1500 with an axe...

    Ram 1500 with an axe...
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    Mar 26, 2013
    New Jersey
    That is awesome, unfortunately I don't know what most of that stuff is, except the gloves of course....ha. But since we are talking presents, this is what my buddy brought over to me last week, I works quite well and is easy to use...... image.jpg

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