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Crabbes Softwood Pellets

Post in '2013-14 Pellet FUEL reviews-opinions-questions' started by Utilitrack, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Utilitrack

    Utilitrack Feeling the Heat

    Oct 14, 2008
    Central ME
    Tried 5-6 bags at the end of last season, I was very disappointed in the heat output and amount of ash, so decided to take them off the list of future purchases. Fast forward one year, I went to my stove shop to pick up a ton to hopefully finish off this Winter that will not die...Anyways much to my chagrin, they had a few options two days prior only had Crabbes left on Saturday.... What to do? Shop owner said that they were much improved, I decide to roll the dice and buy although I hated them last season.

    Burned through 4 bags since Saturday, very impressed, GREAT heat, very LOW ash, glass is barely opaque. I have read it before on here, but definitely shows that ther can be huge variations in batches, although in this case maybe the manufacturers of Crabbes figured it out. Good on them!

    These make the Spruce (Cold) Pointes that I have thankfully burn through seem like garbage. Heat is equivalent to FSU's without the burnpot ash turds!

    Rocky's Stove Shoppe, Augusta, ME $269.00 per ton.

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