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For Sale Draft inducer will Stop smoking wood stoves

Post in 'Articles for Sale/ Wanted, etc.' started by Pittsburgh, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh Member

    May 2, 2010
    Stop smoking wood stoves and back drafts with this Type "C" Chimney Top Draft Inducer same one as seen at http://www.northlineexpress.com/item/5SA-1208/8-Type-C-Chimney-Top-Draft-Inducer.


    Known as "The Remedy for Smoking Stoves and Fireplaces," the Type "C" Chimney Top Draft Inducer is recognized as a solution to the common problem of insufficient draft, poor fuel consumption, and a smoky fireplace. These problems are often caused by exterior draft conditions and down drafts. The Type "C" Chimney Top Draft Inducer is ruggedly built, yet it is pleasingly designed and will not detract from the aesthetic appearance of your home. In addition to its use as a draft-inducing device, it also serves to cap the chimney to guard against blockage by debris, nesting of birds, and access by rodents.

    The Type "C" Chimney Top Draft Inducer features a sectionalized heat protective compartment to house the 115 volt, 60-cycle, single-phase fan cooled motor. The draft inducer is insulated to withstand temperatures up to 1300 F. for short periods of time and operates continually at 900 F. without overheating the motor windings or bearings.

    The standard mode of operation for the Type "C" Chimney Top Draft Inducer is through a manual on/off switch operation. A Type "C" Inducer Speed Control is available for use with the unit to increase or decrease the volume of air flowing through the draft inducer. Since a fireplace exhausts heat from the home, it may be desirable to reduce the speed and lower the volume of heated air through the chimney.

    Material: Stainless Steel
    Dimensions: 16" Diameter x 14 3/4" High
    Intake Dimensions: 8" Diameter
    Current intake size is 7 15/16"

    Lists for $1150
    Need $550 plus shipping from Pittsburgh Pa.

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