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    Should the pellet stove be empty of pellets at the end of the season? I also see a rust spot on my stove ( it in the basement and I do plan to run the dehumidifier during the summer) Is there anything I should put on the rust spot which seems to me to be on a decorative top part of the stove. I have a Breckwell pellet stove . Thanks for answering my questions. G. H.


    You should definitely empty the stove of all Pellets and make certain it is clean and dry. Depending on exactly where the rust spot is, you might want to use some fine steel wool, and then either some matching touch-up from Breckwell or some light oil just to protect the steel over the summer.

    The Pellet venting should also be checked, as well as the heat exchangers in the stove. These should be cleaned of all fly ash.

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