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Forgot how well Quality Pellets burn

Post in '2013-14 Pellet FUEL reviews-opinions-questions' started by nailed_nailer, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. nailed_nailer

    nailed_nailer Minister of Fire

    Oct 29, 2007
    Cape Cod, Ma
    I was down to my last bag of Tractor Supply MWP's I picked up in October.

    As it was 19 degrees out I figured I'd splurge and get some good stuff for the deeper cold season.
    Decided on Vermont's and started looking around at prices and availability.
    Called June at J&S trucking (Pellets-R-Us) and asked about the Vermonts and the Okanagan Doug Fir
    I have bought from her for several years now and she always has good stuff and decent prices.

    Decided on a ton of Vermonts and asked if she had any loose bags of the Okie Doug Fir.
    She had plenty of the Vermonts but didn't want to split up a ton of the Okies for just a couple of bags.
    I understood.

    So met up with a buddy for lunch and then went over to load 'em up.
    She separated $299 from my pocket and had the pallet of solar heat collectors in the truck in about 10 minutes.

    As I was paying her, there were two guys dividing up a ton of the okie Doug fir and regular okies.

    I asked if now..... that the doug firs were opened up if she would sell me a few bags.
    She did. I took 3 just for fun.

    Got home and unloaded the ton +3 bags into my basement.
    Grabbed a bag of the Vermonts and filled the stove hopper.

    What a difference from the MWP's.
    Way more heat at a lower feed rate Clean firebox/glass...etc....
    Been a while since I burned a good softwood pellet.
    I didn't realize what I'd been missing.

    Glad I splurged.

    Now I have to wait for a really cold night to try the Doug Fir's

    I'd take a Picture or two but the camera battery is dead and the phone takes lousy pictures.

    Warm on the Cape in the snow,

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