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    I have some general questions regarding maintenance of a gas log fireplace. My fireplace is about 5 years old in a new house construction. Manufactured by Marco - Model 7928638.

    Do the embers and ash need to be routinely replaced?

    I don't seem to have a uniform distribution of the flames around the logs. Does the gas burner need to be serviced or cleaned in any way? See Below

    I've noticed a good layer of soot building up on the logs. I realize this is normal, but soot is also probably building up in the chimney. How often should the chimney be cleaned?


    If you have a sealed unit, they are usually OK. If it is an open type, then you may want to remove the logs once a year,
    Gas Chimneys rarely need cleaned due to soot. If it is a closed (sealed) fireplace, then you should be getting very little soot. If it is sooting, the burner may need adjusting. Open gas fireplaces (vented) may develop soot on the logs, and this is OK. <p>
    Note, you still want to have the chimney inspected yearly because there are other hazards such as birds nests and other animals that can clog the flue.

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