Q&A Jotul Firelight - Catalytic Model discontinued?

Post in 'Questions and Answers' started by QandA, Nov 17, 2007.

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    I have been told that the catalytic firelight might be discontinued. True? I just bought one to replace a dutchwest. Haven't had much experience with it yet, but it is great so far. Will finding parts in the future be difficult if the cats are discontinued? Also, if you would, I have a question regarding stove pipe temp. What is a good range for a cat flue pipe? It would be cooler than a non-cat, but thermometers dont have different markings. Thank-you for your time and knowledge.


    They have discontinued the cat model, but it's no big deal. Jotul is a large manufacturer and you should be able to get parts for a long time.

    The cat unit has some advantages over the new non-cat, such as larger firebox, top load and longer burn.

    A good range for the flue pipe temperature is probably 250-500 degree assuming that the thermometer is a surface mount unit.

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