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    I recently built a home with a wood burning fireplace. I had the builder install a gas line to the fireplace as I anticipated using gas logs. The problem I am encountering is that the primary valve to open/close the gas line is embedded into the brick fireplace. There is a hole about 6-8 inches deep that leads to the square head of the valve. The builder was supposed to supply the Key but has failed to do so. The questions I have are:
    1. Where can one find such a key.
    2. is the square head standard. Does the valve close counterclockwise. I appreciate your help


    1. Sold in most fireplace stores- and some Home centers (home depot- etc.) 6 inches sounds a little deep. Most of the keys are about 4 inches- but there are longer one available.
    2. Yes. I'm fairly sure it closes clockwise....but this should be obvious and there is often an arrow cast into the top trim of the valve.

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