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dbaronov Posted By dbaronov, Nov 30, 2005 at 1:56 AM

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  1. dbaronov

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    Nov 30, 2005
    I have just had a Quadra-Fire Yosemite wood stove installed. After the first fire the glass turned black. After the second fire, the glass fell out of the door. I re-attached it with some difficulty (the screws did not appear to be properly threaded) and by the fourth fire the glass fell out again and an odd liquid began leaking from the side door. I believe the liquid is black but the stove is black so it is difficult to gauge. Lastly, on the few occasions I was able to get a good burn going it really did not produce a great deal of heat. This has led me to wonder about a few things.
    1. I find very little information online regarding consumer experiences with this model. Does anyone have good or bad experience? 2.) The dealer has been fantastic and quickly replaced the front door and glass. However, I am wondering about my 30-day return policy at this point. Does expecting a model that does not have the glass falling out seem unreasonable? 3.) What exactly could this black liquid be? I can't imagine it is creosite (the wood is aged about 8 to 12 months). I spoke to the people at Quadra-Fire and they had never heard of the glass falling out or a black liquid leaking from the side door. 4.) I bought a stovetop thermometer. Does anyone have a sense of how hot I should expect it to burn (or the range of temperatures). Sorry for going on so long. I am a bit new at this and falling somewhat more deeply into debt. Thanks.
  2. elkimmeg


    You should be asking the dealer who sold this stove what that black fluid leaking out was, plus it would have another witness when dealing with the manufacturer. Burn range 400 to 600 is an decent range for heat. 500+ starts producing real heat. I agree withyou glass should not be falling out. I wonder if they used the wrong adheisive and heat melted it causing it to ment then glass falling out
  3. Roospike

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    Nov 19, 2005
    Eastern Nebraska
    Glass falling out !? Get the dealer ASAP on that one ! Think to have a full load of wood in a stove and have it turned down and then go to town ........ the glass falls out and the fire is out of control . got good insurance?
  4. elkimmeg


    I want admend my prior post, if the glass has fallen out twice and the screws are stripped or worse the sockets striped,
    I would at least demand a new door
    In your case, that black ozzing out is not what JED Clampert discovered, black gold Texas tea.

    I have to agree with Frank what happened to QC. Notice the number of post where screws are falling out.
    New stove gaskets are failing
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