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  1. daffonce

    daffonce Member

    Jan 23, 2013
    I've been to pellets direct. He has many tons of spruce pointes on hand. Talked to the wife. She explained that they stock up in march (or at least buy a lot of pellets) in march as companies clear out inventory for tax purposes. I would guess the pre early buys are cleaning up space in current inventory to take more in. The early bird deals are also delivered either at time of purchase or they can delay a few months if you don't want them from April until pellet season. Pay today get pellets in a few days if desired from pellets direct.

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  2. PelletFiend

    PelletFiend Member

    Dec 2, 2010
    Eastern MA
    I buy from Pellets Direct every year - for the past four years. Have always bought in the April/May timeframe for cheaper rates than the Fall. They are good, and I trust them. Will be buying another four pallets from them this year.

    regarding Barefoots - I bought them two years ago and thought they were over-hyped. I personally like the Lignetics green better. They ran hotter for us in our Eniro Empress FPI. I usually get some Spruce Pointes for shoulder season, super low ash burning pellets. I am mostly oriented towards running the cleanest pellet I can, and making sure I have a hot one for the winter months. Our house is a little big for the Empress, and I need all the heat I can get to keep the oil use down.

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