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    I have a Miracle Heat Inc.
    1. "CAT-1000" unit on my 6in flue pipe that my pearly says is used up. I want to replace it but no one knows where I should go to do this. I bought it in 1984 at the New England Stove store in Roanoke. It really made my stove seem to work better compared to the way itis functioning now (without it). The catalytic unit is a "VERSAGRID CATALYTIC CONVERTER" by Applied Ceramics of Atlanta Ga.
    I sympathize with the lady who got black stains on her new hearth. Your answer was dead on... I knew about this type of problem- but let my stove get too cold anyway. Partly because of this "cat" problem.
    2. Is there any way to get the stains OUT??? It happened to then new hearth also!


    For replacement catalytics, try the parts link below or Condar Company at the second link.

    You can try for the stains:
    1. Baking Soda and Water
    2. Mr Muscle brand oven cleaner - however, always test oven cleaner on any surface before using
    3. Speedy White - A stove and hearth cleaner available at many fireplace shops.

    Link: Link to Parts Resources

    Link: Condar Replacement Catalytic Converters

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