Tree ID Sugar Maple or Hickory...or something else?

KingNFM Posted By KingNFM, Oct 18, 2010 at 4:50 PM

  1. CountryBoy19

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    Jul 29, 2010
    Southern IN
    You clearly don't grasp this whole concept yet...

    I don't care if you don't think those pics are of oak or not, they were posted to demonstrate the rays and they did that job just fine. The OP said he doesn't see any rays in the wood. There is no possibly way it's oak if there aren't rays.

    I think you're the only person that is insane.

    I think he means ISeeDeadBTUs is busted... we're trying to help a guy ID his wood by asking questions etc, asking about certain characteristics of the wood, and then he comes along and says, "You're all wrong, see, there is a leaf on the ground that says what it is."

    That is honestly one of the most laughable things I've seen on here this week.

    ISeeDeadBTUs, it would certainly help you out if you learned a bit about tree ID before telling us that we're wrong and calling us insane. Your "experience" has been demonstrated by trying to ID a wood by the type of leaf laying next to it on the ground. That wood has clearly been dead a couple years, there is no way there would be any leaves from the same tree still on the ground. You made an amateur mistake admit it and move on.
  2. KingNFM

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    Oct 13, 2010
    Northern NJ
    I'm going to go with it being Cherry.

    It looks A LOT like the splits in your first image....and it doesn't smell bad at all. It's sort of a sweet woodsy smell....I can't exactly describe
  3. billb3

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    Dec 14, 2007
    SE Mass
    the round , the tree leaning over the shed and the split all look like the red oak that died around here two and three years ago.

    All I have is red oak, cherry and a little bit of maple - and the red oak here doesn't have obvious rays
    there's an awful lot of different kinds of red oak, though.

    maybe go to home depot and see if they've got any (real) red oak flooring , it should smell like - - red oak. :)
  4. ISeeDeadBTUs


    LOL, Dude. I said that the pic you posted was not RED Oak. Yes it demonstrates the 'rays'. But often the rays do not show up in Red Oak the way they do in White.

    Though leaves would be a very easy way to ID, the OP said the leaves we see may not come from this tree.

    I ID' the pic from the stright, open grain, the color of the split, the ease with which it splits, the lack of knarly knots often seen in Cherry, the obvious presence of Oak in the area.

    Oh, Jay said it was Oak too, and he seems to know his {wood} chit. Lol, basically everyone else said it was Oak too. Even Batten knows its Oak now :p

    And, BTW . . . go back to the very first pic from the OP . . . you can see the rays!!!

    But yer right, I'm insane. And I embrace it.

    It's still Red Oak :lol:
  5. Battenkiller

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    Nov 26, 2009
    Just Outside the Blue Line
    What you talkin' 'bout, boy? I don't see no rays. I see a few large radial cracks coming from the edge. I see numerous fine, dark, and irregular lines that look like small surface fissures. I see lots of parallel chainsaw marks that that look light because of the way they catch the light but don't remotely follow the radial layout that rays do. But I don't see no rays.

    You're insane? I'm crazier than Mel Gibson, and I still think it's cherry. ;-P

    Show me some pics of that ray-less oak. I gotta add them to my files, it's an obsession. :lol:

    BTW, Jay was a first responder... ID'd it as shagbark hickory. :smirk:
  6. ISeeDeadBTUs


    If yer THAT crazy Batten, you should move inside the blue line. :lol:

    I, unfortunatly, know nothing about Hickory as to ID' chunks. The only Hickory around here I am aware of is Shagbark, but none where I gather. So I can't comment on whether it is Hickory.

    I do not have many pics of Oak because, well, I prefer to burn it instead of admiring it ;-)

    But the Red Oak in the OP was ID' by the vast majority of responders, and without having to zoom in to see rays. And never did I suggest that Oak doesn't have rays. But most people can ID' before getting up close and personal with it to check out the rays.

    And seriously, unless yer viewin' the OP pics on an iFone or sumpin :coolcheese: , the rays are there. Yep, there are crcks. Yep there are some chain score marks. But so are the rays.

    You didn't have yer Ray-Bans on, did ya??

    It's all good. It's just a piece of {Red Oak}wood after all. The OP's prolly reduced it to fly ash by now :wow:
  7. KingNFM

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    Oct 13, 2010
    Northern NJ
    It is burning rather well. I tell you guys what though...I have to cut some more on Sunday....I'll take as many pictures as I can at different angles with my tripod so I don't have to use the flash as much.

    BTW...I was able to get some nice white oak from a guy who just cut down two trees a few months ago. I'm going to split it and stack it away from this years burning stuff since I have a feeling those will take a while to season.

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