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Q&A Venting for Pellet Stoves

Post in 'Questions and Answers' started by QandA, May 20, 2004.

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  1. QandA

    QandA New Member Staff Member

    Nov 27, 2012

    I am wondering what sort of venting is needed for a pellet stove. We have been given a stove (at least we have been given a brochure with a picture) and it will arrive in a couple of weeks. The gift did not include installation. My girlfriends dad is an HVAC contractor and though he has never heard of pellet stoves (Detroit is an open market for you) he says he can get 4" double insulated pipe. Is this what we need? Do we need a cap? What about the through wall fitting? Will the cool 1/2 kettle get heated up on a pellet stove? If so how much are they. Thanks for the informative web site.


    Pellet stoves need a special type of 3 or 4 inch vent called "L-Vent or Pellet Vent". In the real world- this is only available at Heart Dealers (like us) that sell Pellet stoves. If you can't find it local- give us a call and we'll UPS it to you. If you are going straight back through the wall. you'll need: Appliance Adapter (right at the stove) Pipe Thru Wall Fitting Either an End cap--or a 45 degree elbow to keep rain from entering. Many Pellet stoves don't get very hot on the top--but some do--You'll see after you burn it--but you just HAVE to have one of those 1/2 kettles anyway.

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