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    I am planning to install a vermont castings defiant wood stove in the corner of a finished basement. The side clearances are 12 inches to a 5/8 firecode sheetrock wall with metal studs up against a masonry basement wall.

    I have heard that even though the 5/8 sheetrock has a fire rating, it is still considered a combustible because it has paper on it. Is that true? If I switch to a cement board wall do I need to be concerned about fiberglass insulation behind it? If I used a sheet metal shield (1 in. spaced from wall) and stayed with the sheetrock would that be OK?


    You are correct....that the 5/8 firecode sheetrock is considered a combustible. If you switch to a cement board and use insulation with no kraft paper backing, then you should be OK. Or, simply stay with the sheetrock, and use a piece of sheet metal spaced 1" from the wall as a wall shield. This would do fine.

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