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    My name is Dan Frank and I have a couple questions. My dad is looking for a new wood stove for our house. He was looking for magazines that gave ratings to the best wood stoves and/or reviews of the best ones, but he couldn't find any. He is also looking for a wood stove with 88,000 BTU's or about that. I was wondering if you could tell me or give me a link for ratings or reviews of the top 5 or 6 wood stoves. Thank you for your time.


    Wood stove peak ratings are highly inaccurate and have little to do with what the stove is putting out on an hourly basis. However, I will assume you are looking for a larger size unit. The Jotul Firelight, HearthStone Mansfield and Avalon (larger model) are just three of the larger stoves available at the manufacturers links at http://hearth.com/prod.html

    Link: Hearth.com products link

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