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Defiant Encore

Aug 1, 2013
Defiant Encore
  • The Vermont Castings Defiant Encore was designed and built in the mid-1980's to pass the upcoming EPA clean-burn standards. This involved going back to the drawing board and building a new stove from the ground up. At the time, the reported expense was very large - probably the most ever spent in the design and development of a modern woodstove. The stove features top or front loading, a swing out ash removal pan, thermostatic control and all cast-iron construction.
    The stove has beautiful lines and some thoughtful features, however it also has come under criticism for being expensive to repair and overly complicated. It does not stand up well to abuse and over-firing, but is a very friendly stove in terms of a nice even heat.

    Over the years refinements and updates have been made and hence different model numbers have been assigned. Most Encore models are catalytic, although a model #1450 non-cat was released.

    MODEL #: 0028 / 2140 Defiant ENCORE
    MODEL #2140 MAUNFACTURED 5/17/90 THRU 11/5/91 WITH A Warnock Hersey TESTING LABEL
    Model #2190 followed and then current model of #2550

    Attached will be numerous manuals and parts diagrams on the various models of the Encore.
    Encore 2190 Owners Manual
    Encore 0028 and 2140 Service Manual
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