Environmental Outlook--Pellets

Pellets are made from wood waste material and are therefore a recycled material. In addition, wood is a renewable fuel (it continues to grow!). One possible downfall of pellets is the energy required to transport them over long distances. As more and more pellet plants open, this problem should take care of itself. In addition, some pellets are now made from paper, cardboard and other waste materials. Most pellet stoves burn quite cleanly--so very little pollution is released from these stoves.

Pellet Stoves--Freestanding-- Most pellet stoves fall into this category. They are designed with special built in heat shields which allow them to be placed very near to a wall---as close as 1" away. All of these units have a hopper which holds from 40 to 60 pounds of pellet fuel. Glass windows to allow for viewing of the fire are standard equipment.

Pellet Fireplace Inserts---There are has Pellet Inserts which can convert your existing fireplace. These units can be installed in masonry or pre-fabricated fireplaces.

Maintenance --Pellet Products-- Pellet stoves have moving parts, along with electrical and electronic controls. These features result in increased service and maintenance as compared to some other hearth products. Some handy owners can perform this service themselves while others prefer to call a local pro for yearly inspection and cleaning. Be sure to read your owners manual so you can keep up with your stoves suggested maintenance schedule.

How long will they last? --Look for Pellet Stoves with heavy-duty construction and components. Beware of certain stoves that are made of thin sheet metal--these may burn out or rust out in only a few years. Properly maintained and cleaned, your pellet stove should last for many years.

Are Pellets cheaper than good hardwood? Here's a comparison.

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