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Explanation: This calculator is designed to give an estimate of the heating needs of a room, combination of rooms, or an entire home. Simply enter the length and width of the area to be heated and select the climate and insulation factors from the pop-up boxes. This is to be used for a general guideline only. Factors such as quantity and size of windows and exterior walls can also affect these calcualations.

Example: Let's say you had an area equaling 20 X 30 feet, in a temperature climate with average insulation. The calculator would show a maximum of 15,600 BTU per hour output into the rooms. In this case, that direct vent fireplace that was 25,000 BTU's and 60% efficient (60% x 25,000=15,000 BTU's out) would be perfect to heat the area in most weather. Keep in mind that many gas units can cycle off and on in relation to a wall-mounted thermostat, so a larger unit may be OK too.
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