Burn time calculator

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Choose your wood burning stove type and the cubic feet of the firebox. The guide calculates an estimated wood load in pounds, plus the BTU per hour OUTPUT you can expect over the length of 4,6,8 and 10 hour burns. This should help guide your expectations.

Type of appliance:

Select usable firebox volume: Cubic Feet

wood typewood weight per load4-hour burn6 hour burn8 hour burn10 hour burntotal BTUs
extra hard

Firebox Size

If you do not know the size of your firebox in cubic feet capacity, then use a tape measure to take the three measurements below and hit the submit button:
Cubic foot Calculator
Width Height Depth Interior Volume
inches inches inches cubic feet

Guide to the information above

Wood Types:
soft - Basswood, Cottonwood, etc.
medium - Shortleaf Pine, Red Cedar etc.
hard - Ash, Sugar Maple
extra-hard - Hickory, Locust
Oak can vary depending on species, and is usually either hard or extra hard. To see the densities of common wood species and relate it to the calculator, see this article.

Total BTU's
(Last Column) - this represents the total BTU content of the full load of firewood. This calculator assumes well seasoned wood at approx. 20% moisture content. Since wood burning is BOTH an Art and a Science, your results will vary.