#2. Hearth.com Mission and Purpose!

Hearth.com is about people helping people. It started out as me (Craig / webbie) answering questions and writing articles about hearth products and topics. However, this site has now grown to much more that that - most of our content, consisting of thousands of articles and over 1.5 MILLION forum posts, is now created by our users!
Hearth.com is a community of folks who have rediscovered FIRE.

Specifically, we strive to provide opinions, articles, discussions and history related to Hearth Products and in a more general sense, energy issues.

We promote the EFFICIENT, RESPONSIBLE, CLEAN and SAFE use of all fuels, whether renewable or fossil.

About Opinions

Much of the content on Hearth.com is in the realm of opinion, both from myself and from our users. This often means Personality, Passions, Politics and other such filters which we each see situations through.

About Facts

Codes, labels, product manuals, training materials and "in the field" practices are dynamic by nature - they change! The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) printout on my desk has already been replaced by a new and updated version. What met the general requirements last year, may not meet code this year. To confuse issues even further, if the stove was installed last year (to last years code), it does not have to be upgraded!

Code and practices are also open to interpretation, and therefore to the opinion of the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). Furthermore, codes have exceptions written into them, exceptions which in many instances WILL apply.

For that and other reasons, readers of Hearth.com will often find conflicting information and advice. We are continually updating and improving the site, however existing articles and other entries will often be dated or inaccurate. Your product manual and label (affixed to the product) are the best sources of up-to-date Facts concerning your particular appliance.

About YOUR Installation and Stove

It goes without saying that information which is obtained for free over the internet (from afar) is often general in scope. Even with pictures and descriptions, an inspection from a distance is NOT the same as a REAL inspection. Please consult your product manual, code official, local professionals and chimney sweeps and other sources for a hands-on inspection of your particular situation.
Sep 16, 2013
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