#3. Forum Purpose

Our main goal is consumer education.

The moderators, administration and fine long term members attempt to do their best to help the most number of people.
The most important person on the Forum is the person who is there to get information (the customer).

Customers who come for information may not enjoy reading through dozens of pages of "social" comments and short posts ("I agree, etc."), so we ask forum users to try and provide the most information and least "noise" possible in the main forum rooms. These rooms include:

The Hearth Room
Classic Wood Stove Forum(s)
The Boiler Room
It's a Gas

The other rooms can be more conversational and social, especially the Inglenook - which is the area for off-topic but non-political discussions.

All forums are moderated. Please read our moderation FAQ if you have interest in why and how we moderate our forums.
Forum Rules & Guide
Sep 16, 2013
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