Can I delete my account after I have registered and posted often?

We cannot delete posts and content since they are a part of a full conversation and also quoted in other (following) posts.

However, if a member does not want to actively visit, the solutions are simple.
1. You can change the settings under the Privacy, Preferences and Alert Preferences located under your username - so that no site mailings and email alerts are sent your way.
2. You can log out from and delete the "cookie" from your browser so that if you happen by the site, you will not have any kind of automatic or form-filled-in login.
3. You can change your email address to an invalid one - add a character, etc. - this will 100% assure you are never contacted!
4. Make sure to remove your signature if desired - if it contains your URL or other semi-personal info.

If you have never posted, it will be possible to completely delete your account. Message the administrator or a mod and ask them to do so.
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Nov 3, 2013
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