Moderators Creed and Goals

You will notice that has certain members designated as "Staff" or "moderators".

These members are there to help the organization of the site and perform many functions - from moving misplaced threads to the proper rooms to the closing of threads which have run their course. is a moderated community - not a "free speech" zone. We strive to provide a decent and educational atmosphere - moderation is the key to providing the best experience to the most possible users.

We may delete or modify posts in an attempt to make them palatable for our GA (general audience) rating. We may also close threads if we feel the information is already provided in the existing posts. is a "no-drama" zone and is NOT a social media site. Please refrain from soap operas, unhelpful opinions, useless posts, rule breaking or other such behavior. Again, HELPING OTHERS is our creed. If you feel that is not your purpose here (as a member), then it's best to find another corner of the internet to hang out.

The moderators and administration attempt to do their best to help the most number of people. You may not agree with all their rules and actions, but you must abide by them. The most important person on the Forum is the person who is there to get information (the customer). While we appreciate those who give the information as well, long time users should not monopolize the conversation nor feel entitled to break the rules.

Where is the line here? It is simply the line that the moderators and administration decide on - either globally or in each instance. We ask that you respect that.

As an aside, has become one of the most successful and largest web sites in the world specifically because of our attitude toward moderation. We realize that we are fairly strict in our monitoring - and yet are proud that the end result is an incredibly valuable resource for all.
Forum Rules & Guide
Sep 16, 2013
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