Tbear853's Reliance 2220

My Pellet Stove since 1992

tbear853, Jan 10, 2017
    • tbear853
      Just some pics of what has proved to be a satisfying experience 1992-2017. Vermont Castings Reliance 2220. I built the hearth with a 2x6 bottom frame work and 2x4 stud walls and large beam across top, used mesh and motor to attach synthetic stone and real slate floor. Bottom is 3/4 plywood under stone and 1/2 plywood under frame work with plastic under that so it slid into place easily. Outlets are wired to house outlets behind with room to allow me to move hearth out of ever need to ..... after stove is removed of course. Only "permanent" detail is thimble that I made, double walled, carries both 3" pel vent and 2" intake tube.
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