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Review of Harman --- PC-45 Operators Manual -- Freestanding Stove burning Multifuel (Oil/Wood)
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Comments: It's me again!
I forgot to mention that a guy in the St Louis area got a PC-45. We emailed a lot and I even met him when he came up to our area to purchase his PC-45 from our local area dealer - Our dealer was so much less $$ on the stove than the St Louis area it was worth this guys time to drive 175 mile up here to buy it!

Anyway, this guys name is Rod and we keep in touch comparing the stoves, trouble shooting and the like. Rod told me he found the Owner's manual from Harman poorly written and had to understand. I would agree now that I think about it. Diagrams are on seperate pages, ideas and layout are not well organized. Ther are a few "gray areas" for assembly.

But there is a good exploded parts diagram. I feel that will be important if there is a problem and a part needs to be replaced. Also there is a good parts list.

Overall, the manual leaves some room for improvement, but you will figure things out and be able to get the thing installed and working without any major problems.

Good Luck,

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