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Review of American Energy|Magnum --- 3500 L -- Freestanding Stove burning Wood Pellets
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Date Reviewed: 2005-01-15 17:17:06

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Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): 400 | House Size (Sq feet): 1400
Bought in 2004 , Price Paid: 2,300
Location : Chazy, NY 12921, USA
Purchased from: Mail Order/Internet Retailer - Oregon Stove & Spa

Likes: Burns CORN or Wood Pellets . This year corn is way cheaper, no modifications necessary to change. Only needs P vent pipe out side wall to operate, only $235 or so. Grinder in burn pot chews up clumps and debris ( don't get one without it). Large ash bin with easy remove drawer for cleaning, usually once / week. No wood smell in house no fumes or indoor pollution ( asthma, allergies ect). Corn is cheap if bought bulk if you have the storage space. $100/ton Jan 2005
Big heat output, up to 50,000 BTU ( and yes you will need it on occasion). Simple 2 wire thermostat setup any kid could rig. Clear ( not Chinese translation ) installation and operation book. Nice heavy steel solid design. Air wash system keeps glass mostly clean. Entire side of stove is hinged so you can get at all the motors, fans easily. Nice big heavy duty wiper type rotary switches. Close tolerances for nearby flammable objects like walls overhangs. My cat sits in a basket on top of the stove all the time. Outside air intake included. This stove sells for about $1000 less than the Dell Point which is the only other multi fuel pellet stove I know of.
Being quite mechanical for many years I know junk all too well. This stove while pretty simple is really heavily built with nice big full length hinges and fat rotary switches like something from the 1950's. Everything is simple, logical and beefy.

Dislikes: Blowers and augers make some noise. There is no getting around it. No auto igniter ( theres a good reason)
Corn lights way harder than wood pellets ( easily solved by starting on a cup of wood pellets and a propane torch or alcohol gel. This is why they make no auto ignitor which isn't really a big deal. No battery backup setup. ( Frankly for way less than the usual $350 for the option you can get a cheap inverter and rig it to a battery for way less than $150)

Comments: Used with a small fan for cold air return I manage to pretty well heat my whole 1400' ranch house. Pellet vent only requires a wall vent and 5' of rise to ensure natural draft in the event of power failure. I tried mine straight out and pulled the plug burning and still very little smoke got into the house. Vent installation is really simple with a 7" hole in the wall and steel spacer insert. Only 3" combustible clearance is needed to studs ect. The grinder in the burnpot turns occasionally to grind up the clinker so it never forms, you only have to leave it off to see why you simply have to have one of these whatever you buy if it burns corn. Mine is way on the far end of my living room at the end of the house and it still heats bedrooms enough to keep them around 60 F with the doors open and not roasting out the living room / kitchen. Typical burn this winter,moderate cold mostly is 90 Lb every 2 days usually on half power setting. My only word of caution with any of these stoves is to try to listen to one before buying. If you are the type who hates passing cars and aircraft for example the blower noise may get to you.

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