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Review of Harman --- PC45 corn stove -- Freestanding Stove burning Select Fuel Type
Installation Type: Select Installation Type
Date Reviewed: 2005-01-19 12:50:36

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Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): 1500 Sq Ft. | House Size (Sq feet): 3000 SQ Ft.
Bought in 2004 , Price Paid: 2900.00
Location : Hudson, Wi 54016, USA
Purchased from: Fireplace Retail Store - Becker Fireplace World

Likes: Stove produced good heat but with many drawbacks as I will explain later. The stove is very nice looking.

Dislikes: The stove was highly misrepresented before I purchased and I urge any one buying a corn stove to review the following problems with the Harman stove. First and foremost it is an extremely dirty stove, there is an overabundance of soot everywhere. On the house outside, inside the glass, around the ash pan area when cleaning etc. The stove claims in the brochure that it burns corn more completely than any other stove, I have proven that this is a false statement. I now own a ST. Croix corn stove and with 75# of burned corn I have a small hard briquette about the size of 1/2 house brick. The Harman will overflow the ash pan with the same amount of corn. ( That is roughly 1 cubic foot of black sooty ash)
The St. Croix has very little ash that creates mess due to its very different burn process.
The next problem is the Harman claims to burn 0 to 5 pounds of corn per hour. I ran many tests on my harman and found that off is 0 pounds per hour and the very first notch to turn on the stove is immediately 2.5 pounds per hour. There is no adjustment below this. At 2.5 pounds per hour the distribution fan only runs intermittently. I found this unacceptable. The next issue is the motors that run the auger and stirring rod are very noisey. I have heard a St. Croix stove and you cannot hear any noise except the distribution fan. I ran my stove for only 10 days and finally had enough of the inconvenience's with the dirt, noise, and overconsumption of fuel. I contacted the dealer and company with my concerns (the company had no email for customer input and after several phone messages simply told me that all complaints must go to the dealer.) I told the dealer my issues and I received the "you bought it and you are stuck with it attitude." In fact I was told by the dealer that if I returned the stove He would "set the stove out in the parking lot". I vowed to tell everyone I could of these problems in order to save someone else the headaches I have encountered with this stove and the people behind it. Please do not patronize this company or this stove.

Comments: I ended up buying a St. Croix stove and am extremely pleased. It is clean, quiet, efficient( I can turn the burn rate down to 1.2 pounds per hour). There is far less maintenance and cleaning compared with the Harman. I feel Harman in wanting to get into the corn stove market took there reputable pellet stove and stuck a corn pot into it. Please take it from me, it needs more work, especially when it is the most expensive stove on the market.There are much better stoves on the market at a fraction of the price. I am offering my telephone number for those who need to hear first hand the problems with a Harman stove.

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