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Review of Drolet --- HT2000 -- Freestanding Stove burning Wood
Installation Type: Select Installation Type
Date Reviewed: 2005-12-06 18:39:20

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Location : Halifax, Nova , Canada
Purchased from: Home Center/Hardware - Central Supply

Likes: More environmentally friendly than previous unit. EPA rated stove.

Dislikes: Stove is a safety hazard. Despite complaints to Warnock Hersey and manufacturer, this stove has not been improved and appears to be manufactured differently than unit presented to WH for testing. This unit should never have been approved by WH as it is marketed today.

Serious safety issues and conplaints include:

1. Ash drawer is too small for the stove - live coals roll out the clean-out plug to the ash drawer and spill over the back of the box and out of the back of the stove pedestal onto the floor.
2. No plate on the rear of the ash drawer pedestal base. This would stop coals from rolling out the back of the stove and onto floors.
3. Rear clearances insufficient due to (1) and (2) above. Technically this is another stove opening and should require the same 18 inch clearance as all other openings require.
4. The front door only opens to 90 degrees and swings back towards the arms of the individual loading the stove which can cause severe burns. The door should open to full 180 degrees for safety.
5. The fan is totally useless. The design of the stove shows the fan air blowing over the stop of the stove from air tubes. However in reality the plate on the back of the stove is not sealed at the bottom and the air blows out there as well, diminishing any airflow from the air tubes.
6. Control of the fire in the stove is poor. The stove cannot be shut down tight enough and overdraws during high winds. The unit cannot be dampered down enough to prevent overdrafting..
7. Does not satisfactorily heat 1700 sq ft despite 2500 sq ft advertising (yeah - I know all about ratings, but the previous stove rated for 1500 sq ft did a much better job than this one does.)
8. Does not hold a fire longer than 6 hours.
9. Coals roll out of the stove onto the hearth. Less than 1 inch "lip" provides insufficient depth inside the stove to retain ashes and coals.

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