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Review of Pacific Energy --- Summit Classic -- Freestanding Stove burning Wood only
Installation Type: Wood/Coal - Freestanding into metal Chimney
Date Reviewed: 2007-10-06 01:47:27

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Location : Farmington, UT 84025, US
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Likes: Porcelain finish on the "Classic" is low maint. Simple controls to learn and use. Lighter weight(easier to maneuver and install) compared to other previously owned stoves. Good size firebox (fit all my logs EITHER direction). Complete burn (only fine ash after fire goes out)

Dislikes: Cannot cook on top unless top porcelain shield is removed (Can be with Phillips screw driver when stove is COMPLETEY cooled because chimney pipe must also be disconnected). Company offers no "Etched Glass Designs" for the door.

Comments: This stove replaced my Lopi "Endeavor". This is a big stove and the previous was a medium/big stove. This is a very good stove. Easy to start and use. The ash "tray" receives ash when the "chute" latch is opened manually. Nice feature. Lopi doesn't have this. This opened "chute" also allows alot of airflow (bellows like) to start the new fire. Again, Lopi can back puff smoke during start up if a person isn't careful. The EBT on the "Classic" (I'm convinced) is reason there is such a complete burn compared to other stoves. This stove is rated for 3000 ft. The Lopi was 1500 ft. Burn times for both were rated overnight. Don't get hung up on ratings. Ratings are quite subjective. An overnight burn means you MAY have warm, non glowing coals in the morning. My first morning with the "Classic" was just that. Threw 3 large, dry logs in with one pc of cardboard, a lit match, opened the "chute" latch and BINGO! It started right up with the "bellows" effect. The first night the stove roasted me out (it was only 40 deg - mild out). I'll need colder temps for a real test. The secondary flat combustion baffle in the ceiling of the stove is much nicer than the "tubes" in the Endeaver. These tube began to sag prematurely in my opinion. The Lopi had 2 controls to master. This stove has one. (High to Low draft - very easy). Compared to the Lopi, the floor (inside bottom) of this stove sits further below the front ash lip, thus helping keep the ash and coals IN the stove when the doors is open for reloading. I'm a "recrational/emergency backup" stove user but I shopped (like crazy) for 9 months before I bought.

I'm happy with my purchase. I bought it for the lg fire box and the "Extended Burn Technology" (EBT) device built into the stove, the "Ash tray and Chute" (and the many good ratings the stove got by users - like this site and others). After owning the Lopi I'm much happier with this stove (however, the Lopi has VERY STURDY CONSTRUCTION - heavier everything on the Lopi). My stove sits in the basement near the stairwell. When the stove reaches 700 deg and my stairwell door (top) is opened to let the heat rise, the stove will literally still sweat me out of the 1050 ft room. The above floor is comfortable. I have about 1500 ft on each floor (3 floors). At 900 deg this stove could heat the first two floors effortlessly. (I have no blower installed on my stove). Temps get down to minus 5 here in the winter months sometimes. Those temps (no doubt) would work the stove harder. My chimney rises nearly 30 feet!!! to the cap. Draft, dry fuel and operator skill help the burning experience. I (obviously with this tall chimney) can have a draft problem - and did with the Lopi. Not so far with this stove(because of the chute's "bellows" effect). If you want a low maintenance, easy to use, complete burning, good drafting, large firebox stove that has decent clearances to combustibles (like 7-8" inches on 45 degree angle) and pumps out LOTS of BTUs then this, simply, is the stove you want. PS. I bought my stove in Aug 2007

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