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Review of Lopi:Travis Industries --- Leyden -- Freestanding Stove burning Wood only
Installation Type: Wood/Coal - Freestanding into metal Chimney
Date Reviewed: 2008-01-06 01:04:13

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Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): | House Size (Sq feet): 4500
Bought in 2007 , Price Paid: 2044.00
Location : Unity, NH , USA
Purchased from: Home Center/Hardware - Esersky's Hardware-Claremont, NH

Likes: Top and Front Loading, Nice sized firebox, Intergrated rear heat shield with optional- but nessasary blower, EZ ashpan removal with drawer on rollers and a handle on the ashpan, LONG burn times and it's Pretty too !

Dislikes: The paint on the top lid flakes off easy

Comments: I purchased this unit Sept. 2007 and installed it in Oct. after I finished installing the chimmney (a DuraVent). The initial first fires (3 progressively larger fires with time (a day) to cool the stove in-between)allowed the paint to cure, gaskets to seat and burned off the oils that are used to protect the cast iron from shipping to manufacture. The stove has performed very well- the top loading feature is wonderful and very reminisinant of our first stove- a Vermont Castings back in 1982.

Being new to these EPA stoves, it is suprising how well the secondary combustion works- and how long a load of splits lasts. After I get a load of wood burning very well-(400-500 on the stovetop, 900-1000 on the stack) you just flip the secondary combustion lever,adjust the air intake- sit back and watch those gasses burn (looks very much like the Northern Lights)

The Blower (which is an option- but is a 'must')is a wonder- it throws off the heat of the stove and moves it out and away. It is automatic, only operating when the stove gets up to temp and turning off when temp of the stove drops. the adjustable speed control is also nice- but truth is, once you find a speed you like, you will probably never adjust it again. I have found a medium slow speed about right- for me anyway.

I recieved the stove and blower in their original shipping packages and put them together myself. There really were no issues- the instructions to install the blower were clear and the only problem was that the stove weighs 375 pounds and was a bit of a handful for me to move around.

How do the STATS match up with ACTUAL Performance ?
This is just my experience with the Lopi Leyden....
Burn times are very-very long- easy 12+ hours in Secondary Burn Mode. I can and have loaded it at 7PM, get it burning good- flipped it into Secondary(stovetop temp=500+), set the air way down (10-15 minutes after flipping): it's now near 8PM and gone about my business. Next morning (9AM-stovetop is 300+)- open it up, rake the coals around (there is a lot of hot coals and usually alot of charcoalized whole wood too) and throw some splits on again- away it goes !

This house is a little non-standard. My wife and I constructed it in 2006-2007 ourself's, made of an ICF foundaion with radiant slab and a SIP panel ranch style home above. Super-insulated, it requires very little to heat it. We use an OWB for the radient heat only, with the Leyden as a secondary wood backup- we don't usually use the Lopi Leyden 24/7, maybe two/three times a month at 24/7 and 2 nights a week for kicks.
Without the radiant on- using just the Lopi Leyden, we can heat the downstairs(where the Leyden is located)to 78-82, upstairs to 72+, outside temps -14 to -5 at night, daytime temp= 12 (evening of January 2 and 3rd, 2008)
Efficent: Very economicial use of wood- throws off lots of heat (with blower) and is miserly in wood usage.

I have read some of the reviews with complaints that 'it's made in China, paint peels on the top, door hinges 'might' break...' I guess that is their options, but I believe that the Lopi Leyden is a high quality stove, very efficent in it's use of good dry wood, has a very good Secondary Combustion System- well designed.(I looked at a few- did not like the 'tubes' in some of them...wanted the convenience of top loading- but thats just me). The parts may or may not be cast in China...but I believe the stove is assembled in Washington State- at least that is what the shipping crate looked like to me. Either way, the castings and fit/finish of them are fine.
Paint is going to Peel/Burn/Age off of any woodstove, it happened on my Vermont Castings too, that's not a reason to discount a woodstove. What matters is the engineering, fit/finish of the castings and efficent use of wood...
With these three, the Lopi Leyden gets a A.

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