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Review of Security Chimneys|Bis --- Le Laval -- Fireplace burning Wood only
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Date Reviewed: 2009-12-27 12:19:01

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Likes: Well made, strikes good cost and performance compromise between airtight type units and conventional open fireplaces. Heats well though I\'m considering adding the blower to assist the gravity hot air kit. Big firebox looks good in large room w/ high ceilings. The disappearing \'pocket doors\' are nice and work well as is the plain and unpretentious facia w/ no silly brass or chrome to clash with your home\'s interior...

Dislikes: Heavy so be careful handling during installation, it\'s easy to dent the outer metal shoving it around.

Comments: Installed with AC chimney and \'hot air gravity kit\', so far so good. Unit is heavy so go easy \'shifting\' it around when installing as the outer metal will dent easily. Puts out plenty of heat yet is nice to look at as an open fireplace. I wasn\'t planning on whole house heating with wood but wanted more efficiency than the usual \'builder box\', the Le Laval was a good choice for me.

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