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Review of Vermont Castings --- Aspen -- Freestanding Stove burning Wood only
Installation Type: Wood/Coal - into masonry chimney
Date Reviewed: prior to Nov. 2004*)

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Satisfaction with unit = ✰✰✰
Satisfaction with dealer = ✰✰✰
Satisfaction with manufacturer = ✰✰✰

Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): | House Size (Sq feet):
Bought in 2000 , Price Paid: 600
Location : Watervliet, NY 12189,
Purchased from: Fireplace Retail Store - Woodburning Warehouse

Likes: Throws a lot of heat for its size--more than I'd expected it to, and stays hot. Nice looking, and will take slightly longer than 16".

Dislikes: Dealer: gave me wrong specs for the hearth size and I almost wasted lots of time & $. The lady didn't want to bother to look up the right info. Stove: Pretty fussy--have to play with it sometimes to keep it burning--I wonder if the primary air gets blocked when ash & cinders build up late in the burn--which is 4 hours max with seasoned, dry hardwood. The white calking shows up conspicuously in the seams, and where it got dripped on the outside. The perimeter of the glass stays dirty regardless of your wood size, temp, etc. The automatic damper is purely symbolic.

Comments: You need a bottom heat shield unless you're on 'unpainted concrete over soil'. Guess they forgot to show that in the pre-sale literature.

* Dates that reviews were submitted were not recorded prior to Nov. 2004