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Review of Avalon:Travis Industries --- Olympic insert (1190) -- Fireplace Inserted Stove burning Wood only
Installation Type: Wood/Coal - into existing Fireplace
Date Reviewed: 2008-11-05 18:35:05

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Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): 400 | House Size (Sq feet): 1750
Bought in 2008 , Price Paid:
Location : Federal Way, WA 98003,
Purchased from: Select Store Type -

Likes: This is a great stove, cranks out the heat. No smoke. Holds lots of wood - can load it frontwise. Far better than the LOPI I had. Heat convection is good even without blower. Glass cleans itself better than any other I have seen. Controls are easy. This could heat a large well insulated house by itself.

Dislikes: Blower is noisy (not the fan, the body rattles). This can be fixed with proper positioning and padding. All Avalon and Lopi blowers suffer from this in my experience. The upper baffle (bypass) can be difficult to position and re-install. Have an oven mitt handy, door handle gets overly hot. Cons are minor.

Comments: 18ft stainless chimney liner. Not likely to get 12 hours... All of those "estimated burn times" are pretty optimistic in my opinion. I am happy with my choice, Pacific Energy Summit insert seemed to be the only viable competitor.

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