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Review of Lopi:Travis Industries --- Freedom Bay -- Fireplace Inserted Stove burning Wood only
Installation Type: Wood/Coal - into masonry chimney
Date Reviewed: 2010-12-05 23:10:52

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Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): 600 | House Size (Sq feet): 3000
Bought in 2009 , Price Paid: 3500
Location : Niagara Falls, NY 14301, USA
Purchased from: Fireplace Retail Store - Always Warm Fireplace and Stoves

Likes: It has a pretty glass window.

Dislikes: Pretty is as pretty does.
Weak fan, narrow ledge, poorly fitting door. Damper is difficult to adjust, flue is awkward.
All this for way to much $$$.
And the glass is a pain to clean.

Comments: We paid a small fortune in Oct. 2010 for this newer better stove. We were assured it would most certainly do a much better job heating without closing off parts of the house than our old Buck insert and after reading reviews it seemed like a good idea.
We used to keep the house at 75-80F in the winter burning mixed wood, apple, ash, maple, beech and cherry when 10-15F. The Buck did a fantastic job keeping us warm but we wanted the chimney lined because the tiles were cracked. So when the dealer said the tax rebate would pay for the Lopi and all we would pay was installation we went for the new stove.
The Lopi takes much longer to heat up, when it does turn on the fan is kind of wimpy, the damper is difficult to push in and pull out, the ledge was scratched the first day when someone used the poker to adjust the flue (too hot to touch), the ledge is too small for anything but a cup of tea (no teapots) and it does not heat the upstairs. Whether this is due to poor fan circulation or it just does not radiate heat I don\'t know. Worst of all when we burn cherry or apple the stove expands so that the narrow clearance on the door latch prevents the door from opening or closing. A real problem for us since we burn wood from our orchards and we should not have grind anything on it to work properly.
There is no improvement in overnight burn time nor is the firebox larger. In fact, the Lopi firebox is too small for a grate, which I prefer. It goes through a lot more wood, too. At this rate we will go through 3-4 times the wood the Buck used, which means 9-12 face cord with the Lope vs 3-4 cord with the Buck.
I\'m thinking of selling the lopi and re-installing my old $200 Buck \'cause I\'m tired of being cold and we haven\'t even hit winter proper yet. All the unnecessary rooms are closed off already. It is 30F outside and the Lopi can\'t get it above 71F stuffed with cherry and apple or maple. Mind you, the door won\'t open but that\'s better than earlier when I had to burn it down so metal would contract and I could close the door.
When I hurt my shoulder last month I could not operate the damper. The damper is stiff and does not slide without great resistance.
I used to think a stove was a stove but we lucked out with the Buck and did not know how good we had it. Lopi needs to call up Buck and find out how to build a good stove.

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