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Review of Blaze King --- Royal Guardian 3001 -- Freestanding Stove burning Wood only
Installation Type: Wood/Coal - Freestanding into metal Chimney
Date Reviewed: 2011-10-25 16:54:52

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Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): 400 | House Size (Sq feet): 1000
Bought in 2007 , Price Paid: 500 used
Location : Saskatoon, SK , Canada
Purchased from: Other Store Type (Furniture/etc) - Used Classifieds

Likes: A few words about the Blaze King Royal Guardain 3001.
Well made and solid, quality build and workmanship.
Heat output of the Princess, but not the long burn times
The Stove is keeping up at freezing in 1000 sq.ft. vintage Lindal Cedar Home R-15 walls and big old windows without the fans on with small quantity of poplar and scrap lumber.
Cooktop is functional when the power goes out You will not be without coffee and breakfast. A plus for off grid types.
Efficient on wood and burn times ok if You are not away all day or night, with hardwood it might make 7 hours ?
Window stays clean even with door open..not bad at all.
Draft adjustment system well thought out for good dry wood and does not need much fiddling, but not set and forget either.Stove has a small learning curve, but easy to use.
Fan system works very well and puts out a Lot of hot air.
Fans are standard size and make replaceable with a DC computer type muffin fan which will run off of a solar panel and battery all night if required, very quiet.
Decent size firebox for a 1000sq ft home, and effective enough for a medium sq ft home when fans are kicking imho.
This stove is economically priced but better built than many the new stoves that i looked at in stores.
Blaze King will sell You the paint if You decide on a different color. Thinking of the Metallic blue ?
I like the fact that it is EPA and burns clean without a cat. I am simple and do not want the concerns of availability even if it a better thing, not for me..
All in all, with some nice maple i can get her to burn long enough and it certainly is a step up from the old Jotul "Easter Island Statue" with the benefit of fire insurance a whole lot less hungry and easier to clean.
I have to say that i am very satisfied so far at freezing.
I would recommend this stove to anyone, with an eye for an economical, quality-made, efficient, easy to use and clean stove with enough heat for a small-medium place without having to keep the firebox filled. At least at freezing.
Will report back later on how i feel in heavy cold and burn times through the night and any other notables..

Dislikes: Blaze King claims about the same output as the Princess and it is clear this puts out very good heat, especially with the fans.I suspect it will do the job on the main floor of a 1000sq.ft leaker with huge old windows.
I would not consider this for any big home for sure.
I can see that it needs dry wood and i need to get a few bends out to get it drafting just right or it is not happy.
It is picky on start, too. It wants the door open for half and hour 3/4 of an inch to het her groaning, but then, leave on max draft setting well stoked ,put the coffee water on and it will be ready in 20 that.
Needs the fan kit for a medium sized house, but for a mobile home that would cook You out i am sure.
Not industrial, but pretty close to it in build quality.
Also, not sure yet, but i think i can get her to go all night, but right now so far about 6 hours with soft wood.
Firebox is small, so it limits out of the cabin times to the duration of the burn without other heat sources..
Definitely not the stove if You want to sleep in..
That right there is the biggest con as i am lazy that way.

Comments: I purchased this Blaze King Royal Guardian Stove Used and it was made in 2007 by Warnock Hersey Furnace Co. in Canada
It includes the optional dual fans.The ash pan set up is well designed and makes ash transport and removal painless.
We are heating a leaky old Lindal Cedar Home with 13ft Ceilings and a relatively open floor plan. Lots of old windows in the middle of the Canadian Prairie.
No stranger to Arctic Cold Fronts, previous stove was a vintage Jotul, heats lots but way too hungry and not EPA.
This stove is efficient with wood. Burning old fenceposts at the moment and a few foot long lengths keeps it at 72F in here at 28F outside.Helping with yard cleanup to start before i get some good wood here for it.It likes dry wood, otherwise the door stays open a half inch and it will burn for 90 mins on 4 said pieces of wood.I like that so far..
The fan kit is a wicked addition. On high i am sure You can blow dry your hair in front of it. Also, much of the heat goes up into the high beam ceilings, so the fans keep a lot of heat at knee level. A big plus.The draft is easy to control and at cold start it is imperative to get the stovetop up to 225F or so before firing up the fans. They make the sound level of a cheapie plastic department store fan at medium speed, but at low it is tolerable. At -40F anything short of a jet turbine will be tolerable as long as it makes the heat! I have high hopes for the stove and so far on a few sticks of punk wood it will make good heat and at freezing does not quite need the fans on to keep 72F
Overall I am very impressed by the build quality and see this doing a good job on 1000 sq.ft. while making coffee and cooking beans which it has done so far. It is a solid stove there is no doubt and 1/4 steel top is enough for me.
The glass stays quite clean, and design of stove just works
I will be reporting again when the weather gets Arctic.
Overall I am very pleased and could ask no more of a stove.

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