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Review of Vermont Castings --- Dutchwest Large -- Select Unit Type burning Wood only
Installation Type: Wood/Coal - Freestanding into metal Chimney
Date Reviewed: prior to Nov. 2004*)

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Satisfaction with unit = ✰✰✰✰✰
Satisfaction with dealer = ✰✰
Satisfaction with manufacturer = ✰✰✰✰

Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): | House Size (Sq feet): 750
Bought in 2000 , Price Paid: $950
Location : Portland, OR 97201, USA
Purchased from: Fireplace Retail Store - All-Ways Warm

Likes: Well-built unit, very nice appearance. Ash pan is convenient. Cast iron holds heat very well.

Dislikes: Is a little slow to start from cold. Catalytic converter requires some getting used to. Stove comes with only one handle to be used on four doors-- I bought extra handles, but the get hot when permanently attached.

Comments: Stove is installed in a cabin in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. This is a good example of how difficult it sometimes is to determine the proper size of stove for a particular installation. The simple figures would say that a Dutchwest Large is more stove than is required for this installation. However, the cabin has a high, vaulted, and poorly-insulated ceiling, an end wall is almost entirely glass, and there is no insulation at all under the floors. So far, it appears to be about the right size for cold weather, but it may be a bit much in milder weather. Another factor is fuel-- my wood is mostly fir and alder which will not produce as much heat as hardwoods, but it seems a little stilly to haul wood into a place that's already in the middle of a forest.

* Dates that reviews were submitted were not recorded prior to Nov. 2004