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Review of QuadraFire --- Yosemite -- Freestanding Stove burning Wood only
Installation Type: Other (explain in the comments section)
Date Reviewed: 2013-04-16 04:03:58

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Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): 500 | House Size (Sq feet): 900
Bought in 2010 , Price Paid: $1300
Location : Gatlinburg, Tenne 37738, US
Purchased from: Mail Order/Internet Retailer - Todays Fireplace & Spa

Likes: Great little Stove.Glad I made the step into EPA land. Firebox is a bit small but if your burning normal through the winter with good seasoned hardwood, it will hold fire for hours. I've had enough coals to get going again even after 14 hours a few times.
No need to use the ash pan. I just usually scoop about a metal dustpan full each day when burning 24 7. It starts easy. With seasoned wood and Super Cedars, why would you need kindling? I like that it has a large front door and also a nice end door too.
The end door is great for slipping that last piece in for an over night burn or to leave cracked for a few minutes for qwick starts.The air controls are easy to use. I hardly ever use the statup air lever. Just open the main air control full open and crack the door for a few minutes and away she goes. The stove is very nice to look at. I got a deal on a second front door which I sent of to Valley Plating in California and had some plating done to it. Kudo's for Mike at Valley!
I like that the stove is top or rear vent. My install went great through my small fireplace. It throws out plenty of heat. It is nearly overkill for my small house but I do plan to add an addition soon so, I know it will still have plenty of heat for that. Would I buy the same stove again? Sure I would.
Burns good East to West or North to South.

Dislikes: Glass need attention a little more then I would like even with good 3 year seasoned wood.
The haze does come off easy but, the air wash system could probably be designed to work better.
When I first got it, The top plate smelled awful and wouldn't ever cure out. I ended up taking
it to a machine shop and having it bead blasted top and bottom, then repainted just the top
with Thumalox stove paint. Cured the problem but caused a lot of headaches and complaining
from by better half for a while.
Front lip could be a bit higher. When you have a large fire coals can spill out the front when
opening the door but, thats what a metal dust pan is for.

Comments: I installed the stove myself with a Magna Flex insulated ss liner with a custom block off plate
with lots of kawool. The Heat Element, I think is the what the guy goes by on this forum.
He gave me a great deal on my kit and was really helpful. After learning to stay about 3 years
ahead on my wood supply, I only get a hand full of light brown stuff out the liner when I sweep
once a year. I do clean the top cap about 3 times a year. Quadrafire could be a bit better about
answering emails or I would rate them a 5

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