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Review of HearthStone --- Homestead -- Freestanding Stove burning Wood only
Installation Type: Wood/Coal - into masonry chimney
Date Reviewed: 2013-12-27 06:47:48

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Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): 500+ | House Size (Sq feet): 1600
Bought in 2013 , Price Paid: $2500
Location : Eugene, Orego 97408, USA
Purchased from: Fireplace Retail Store - Emerld Hearth

Likes: Pretty

Dislikes: Smokes, soots, pukes fly ash when door is open, ash pan/drawer is a worthless joke and just plain dangerous if not installed properly. Inefficient with fuel/wood. Extremely small firebox, will not take the advertised 21" wood if log is larger than a 4X4. Forget a true overnight fire for the same reason.

Comments: I'll preface my comments by saying that I've been burning wood for home heating since 1982. I've had Fisher, Schrader & LOPI airtight stoves in that time and never had a complaint. In January of this year (2013) I made the move to new Hearthstone Homestead. My main reason was to try to lower my "carbon footprint" so to speak. Since I started burning wood in 1982 I've burned anywhere from 6 to 10 cords a year, so I have a bit of experience with burning wood. I have to say that I HATE my current Hearthstone Homestead. The local dealer here in Eugene, Oregon is of no help. The factory/manufacturer is also of no help. It's damn near impossible to start a fire in a cold stove, it smokes and soots, dumps fly ash all over when ever you open the door. They (Hearthstone claims it takes 21" logs. Not if they're bigger than a 4X4 though. Forget about trying to keep an overnight fire due to the tiny firebox. BIG BIG disappointment. I paid the dealer over $4,000. for the stove installed and they couldn't even get the pipe plumb/straight. As for wood, I started out with white ash seasoned 1 1/2 years in an open sided shed. Within two weeks I had to clean the screen on the chimney cap. I switched to some old growth douglas fir seasoned 2 1/2 years I was saving for use in my shop heater due to its storage local nearer the shop. Same soot/creosoting issue. Hearthstone tells me to contact my dealer, the dealer claims it's the wood. I call bullshit. The stove is not right, plain and simple. Buyer beware!
Will never buy another Hearthstone product. PERIOD!!!

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