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Review of Breckwell --- spc50 -- Freestanding Stove burning Wood Pellets
Installation Type: Wood/Coal - Freestanding into metal Chimney
Date Reviewed: 2019-01-01 21:54:17

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Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): 500 | House Size (Sq feet): 2300
Bought in 2017 , Price Paid: 2300
Location : , , USA
Purchased from: Mail Order/Internet Retailer - Southwind Trading

Likes: Nice to look at. Lovely 400 lb decorator item.

Dislikes: 1. Instructions? They would have to improve to be poor. Beginning, middle and end? Direct with options? None of the above in my view. It mostly just wanders around.
2. Shipped without auger motor. Not worth the struggle with Breckwell to get one so Ebay here I go again to get one.
3. The auger kick plate must have been an after thought because it only appears in a single sheet of paper stuffed in the stove with the parts. It isn't even shown on the parts list. It has been copied so many times the photos are just about completely obliterated. Just black and white smudges.
4. Took two stoves to get to this point because of shipping damage. I finally gave in and accepted what I got complete with chips to the enamel on the feet and black fly spec overspray on the almond stove I wanted.
5. Had I known this stove is as complicated to operate as it is I would have never bought it. I design and build complex electromechanical systems quite successfully so I'm no novice when it comes to building, preparing, commissioning, operating etc.
6. The number of safety devices can't possibly allow reliable operation over a long period of time. I'm simply amazed how many people seem to have successfully run these stoves for years.
7. Why put a pellet vent size opening on a stove that is designed to use a full size chimney?
8. Forgot to tell about one side of the auger feed tube not even being bolted to the stove. Yup, just one side of the bracket is bolted in place. Two holes on the tube but only one bolt put in place? Come on.
You wouldn't think something with only less than 30 parts could be so complicated.

Comments: I signed up to do this rating and hopefully save someone else from the same mistake I think I've made. If you really think this is the stove for you get the installation and operation manual and READ it all the way through before you buy.

There are so many precautions in the manual I"m afraid to start the dang thing. Burn back, auger jam, fuel sensor, hopper overheat sensor, thermal snap switch, draft sensor, trap door sensor, pre-start systems check, don't unplug to stop. Systems check? It is a wood stove for crying out loud. Not a rocket ship. Something that just burns wood just should not be this complicated.

By the time I've read all the precautions I will never be confident to leave the house with this thing running.

I won't dis the dealer. He is just a middle man. The stove was shipped from Breckwell in Tennessee. Their product, their failings.

Very pretty to look at. Beyond that I'm waiting to be impressed with operation. We don't have enough winter to operate this stove full time as the manual recommends. I'm feeling like I will probably take a bath on this one and sell it and the ton of pellets I bought and get just a wood stove without all the complexity on it.

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