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Review of Jotul --- F500 Oslo -- Freestanding Stove burning Wood only
Installation Type: Wood/Coal - Freestanding into metal Chimney
Date Reviewed: 2019-01-07 16:13:18

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Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): | House Size (Sq feet): 1500
Bought in 2018 , Price Paid: 2250
Location : , New Hampshire ,
Purchased from: Fireplace Retail Store - Abundant Life

Likes: - Lots of Heat when you need it.
- Long burn times when you don't need lots of heat.
- Hold coals for hours for easy relight.
- Side load door.
- Fire View.
- Ash pan easily removable.
- Takes 24" split.
- Seems durable being all cast iron.

Dislikes: - Real picky with dry wood.
- Ash can fall from the front door when opened.
- Can be a little more pricey for a non-cat.

Comments: First wood stove I've owned. I was really picky about what to get but decided on the Oslo all things considered. Wouldn't trade it for another cast iron or steel stove. Being iron it heats slowly but keeps heat longer it seems. You can also burn it really hot if you need to and the stove wont complain. Highest we've had it was 800 degrees on the stove top (accidentally left the air wide open) and there were no issues. Heats our 1500sqft, 1 1/2 story 250 year old cape house nicely (we do have new insulation throughout). It's our primary source of heat. we run it 24/7 and go through about 3 cords of wood/winter.

The glass is a nice touch. Big fire viewing area. It can get pretty dirty if you're burning low or piling wood up against it. Not hard to clean with a little water and news paper. Ash will spill out of the front door if you're putting your wood up against the glass. Don't do that and you wont have any ashes spilling out. Your glass might actually crack if you leave wood burning up against it as well. We haven't had any issues though and we don't use the front door anyways.

Like all EPA tube stoves, the Oslo likes dry wood. 20% moisture or lower. I've found that it likes around 15% - 18% for peak efficiency. Wood doesn't burn too fast, but has no problems getting going.

My total run for pipe is 17', 9' of that being double wall insulated chimney. I've had no draft issues with this stove like some reviews claim. Any issues that I have had (poor lighting, bad draft etc...) were all resolved when switching to better seasoned wood.

Overall it's easy to operate. Functions as intended and keep our house warm 24/7. It's the flat black stove so I cant speak for any wrong doings with the enamel. Would recommend to others.

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