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Review of QuadraFire --- Voyageur Grand -- Fireplace Inserted Stove burning Wood only
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Date Reviewed: 2019-01-24 22:19:16

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Comments: I just wanted to update my recent post negative to Quadrafire Voyager Grand, after 2 sweeps in a month with wet creosote blockage. Baffle boards and blanket were pretty much destroyed. After analysis, MEA CULPA. Oak is 2 yrs and good. No negative house pressure (not external air) so result is I was burning too low and slow. With gap in baffle boards and no blanket for about 10 days during -28 temp I burned alot of wood. Dealer got me new boards under warranty and new blanket has it all right. It is a monster and does generate the heat. So my advice is after making sure your wood is dry, get it going and dont reduce the upper air flow "damper" below 1/4. If you have all embers fine but otherwise those larger pieces will just smolder. So apologies to Quadrafire for my getting used to it. I spend much time in its presence and rely as a primary heat source. The 6" flue opposed to 8 needs annual clean. Though mfg says shouldnt need creosote salts I think they couldn't hurt weekly. Okay, thanks to Fireside in Gaylord, MI.

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