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Review of US Stove --- Hearth Focus -- Freestanding Stove burning Wood Pellets
Installation Type: Pellet/Corn - new Pellet Vent Setup
Date Reviewed: 2020-04-19 11:21:02

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Other Information about the Home and Stove
Room Size (Sq ft): 2500 sq. ft. | House Size (Sq feet): n/a
Bought in 2001 , Price Paid: $1200.00
Location : Deerfield, Michigan 49238, USA
Purchased from: Home Center/Hardware - Tractor Supply

Likes: Very adjustable for different fuels. Easy to maintain. Efficient unit. Fuel capacity is ample. Runs at least 15 hours up to 2 days on one fill, depending on set output. Will combust any bio mass (corn, wood pellets, wheat and cherry pits. Will not run any oil seed like soybeans.

Dislikes: Not pretty but then it's a heater, not a silk purse. Maintenance is pretty simple. Consumable parts easily replaced. OEM parts are exceptionally high priced but a little but if Internet searching will yield parts for much less.

Comments: Been a great unit. I bought it 20 years ago actually. been basically trouble free. I run it on a remote thermostat 100% of the time and it heats the entire house except when bitter cold and then the central furnace will cycle. I keep the house at 70 in the winter. In 20 years of operation, I've replaced a couple agitator rods, the bearings in the room air fan (twice), one agitator drive motor and one viewing glass. Overall, very little replacement in 20+ years of burning field corn and pellets. I expect the unit to outlive me. Excellent buy.

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